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"When I first started using the GIM Framework, I was confused because I wasn’t 100% sure it would work for me.

Although I hoped to get better returns from the stock market, I never expected to be able to get >100% returns! "
- Yan Ting

"Although I am from the fund management industry, I had not been getting my own dream results before this. 

The knowledge about growth stocks that I've learnt from GIM helps me grow my wealth in a sustainable fashion over the long term."
- Jes

Previously, I didn’t believe I could get a multi-bagger. So when I got it, I was excited and it felt superbly pleasant because it only took me a mere 2 months! 

It is possible only because I followed the GIM framework. Now I am looking to add more multi-baggers in my portfolio, and I know anything is possible in GIM! 
- Clifton

"In the past, I only knew how to exchange my time for money.

Being the sole bread winner, I ended up working 3 jobs just to support my family.

GIM opened up my eyes to a whole new world of investing.

Thanks to them, I managed to quit all my jobs and became a Full-Time Investor, which I never thought was possible in my life."

Aaron Koh
Delivery Rider Turned Full-Time Investor

That’s exactly why we created 
Growth Investing Mastery.

We know you might know nothing about investing in the stock market (we prefer that actually... there is less to unlearn). The investing terms you come across online might be confusing and you don’t know what the terms mean.

In fact, you might not even know how to find companies worth investing in. If you’re not sure where to start and don’t exactly have a big fund, then read on because we’ve got something special for you.

Growth Investing Mastery is our proprietary method of selecting high-growth companies without the substantial risk associated with speculative stocks.

With Growth Investing Mastery, you greatly increase your chances of picking the next Amazon, Google or Tesla. We know this works because our co-founder Kelvin used to work in an 8-figure investment fund as an analyst before starting GIM.

His research methods are based on what professional fund managers do. He thinks like an institutional investor. Our stock selection principles and methods are based on his experiences in the fund management industry as well. This gives you the certainty and conviction that everything you’re learning has been used to manage billions of dollars in managed assets.

With GIM Online, we bring you the confidential insights of professional fund management at the low cost of a retail product. All so that you can become a better investor and pursue the life you deserve to live.

On 17th April 2019, We Started A New Portfolio...

We’re Kelvin and Jonathan, two full-time investors who LOVE finding high-growth stocks.

In that process, we’ve managed to build a community of like-minded growth investors who share our passion.

And after helping them invest in high-quality companies, we noticed most of them had the same problem:

They thought they needed huge starting capital to beat the market.

Have you ever felt that investing was a “rich man’s game”…and you have no chance of winning? 

That’s another lie out there.

I’m here to prove that small portfolios can grow extremely well. Therefore, I created a new investment portfolio. This portfolio was funded with my savings.

Presenting To You...The Hedgehog Portfolio!

I call this my Hedgehog Portfolio.

The Hedgehog Portfolio uses a growth investing strategy.

This involves choosing only high-quality companies that can rapidly grow their business. We call these businesses “superstocks”.

Are there other investors who also use strategy? Yes. Finding superstocks is also the method used by legendary investors such as Peter Lynch, Phillip Fisher and Thomas Rowe Price Jr.

Here’s a picture for you - buying a superstock is like riding a space rocket. When the rocket takes off, it flies straight for the moon.

Superstocks can easily give you more than a 100% return on investment by simply holding on to them.

Imagine you bought $1,000 worth of Amazon, Microsoft and Apple in their early days.

Can you imagine how much these shares would be worth today?

This Is Best Suited For...

People Who Are Willing To Embrace Learning New Concepts

As the world shifts dramatically, we must be able to adapt fast. The traditional old-school Value Investing, trading, and dividend methods will not work any longer. We need to embrace new methods to thrive in the new era of Growth Investing.

People Who Believe That There Is A Better Way To Invest

With all the information out there, it's easy for anyone to go into information overwhelm. We will help you to cut through all the noise and only focus on what matters.

People Who Are Tired Of Losing Money Without Understanding The Causes

In the superficial world, most investors only care about the daily stock price. If you want to stand out in the new world, you have to go beyond the superficial ways of just looking at stock prices.

People Who Believe In A Better Future

Without optimism, growth companies like Amazon or Tesla could have never existed. The world would have come into a standstill with no innovation or growth to make this planet a better space for our families and the future generations to come.
With Growth Investing Mastery...
 You’re able to select the companies which can grow aggressively regardless of market conditions. 

If you’re an investor today, you’ve got to understand that the markets are extremely uncertain right now.

If you’re not fully convinced in the fundamentals of a company, you might end up second guessing your decisions with every spike in volatility. 

And you might be afraid to lose a lot of money.

But when you apply a proven growth investing framework, it’s possible for you to see returns that can replace your full-time income. 

That means you can provide for your family while having the time to pursue your passions. 

If you’re a young parent today, this means you can spend time with your kids before they grow up and fly away. Those precious years will never return.

"I have attended at least 5 different  investing courses, spending a total of >30k. But it was only after attending GIM that I truly saw a real transformational change in how I invested.

They offer a superior way of investing, advocating critical thinking, deep diving and searching for better companies poised for growth and longevity.

If you're still searching for something better, you'll be glad to learn that this is probably the last course that you ever need to attend."

Aldric Chang
Creative Entrepreneur

Sounds Impossible? 
There Are Others Like You Who’ve Done It Before!
"When I first started out, I was afraid as I didn't have any finance background or accounting knowledge. 

The trainers have made everything so easy to understand, and my first stock gained 60% in 6 months! Never thought this was possible!"
- Jodee

"I was unsatisfied with my average returns before joining, so I decided to try out GIM's framework.

Honestly, I didn’t believe it was actually possible to get such high returns. I remained skeptical until I actually saw my own results!"
- Hanjie

"At first, I thought it would take at least 10 years to have 1 multi-bagger (>100% returns). 

After attending GIM, I wanted to have at least 10 multi-baggers! I now have 2! Definitely looking forward to more!"
- Darrell
It's not for everyone.
This is NOT a course for those who are into technical analysis, day trading or financial derivatives. We focus on finding high growth companies, understanding their numbers,business and finding a range of valuations.

More importantly, we do NOT want you to enrol in Growth Investing Mastery if you do not have a minimum of $5,000 to start investing. If you do not have $5,000 that you can put aside for a minimum of 2-3, we strongly recommend that you focus on accumulating more savings before enrolling.

This course is best suited for existing investors who eventually want to generate a full-time income from their portfolios alone. This full-time income is generated in two steps. 

The first step is to concentrate your portfolio into superstocks to get above-average capital gains (our goal is 30% per year). The second step is to either sell off a part of that portfolio to fund our lifestyle, or to reallocate your portfolio into dividend stocks.

Our focus is on helping you to execute the first step well. Many of our students are well on their way, and you can see their successes in our Multi-bagger club.
You're Going To Get:

Growth Investing Mastery Online 2.0

Created by a team of Full-Time Investors, this online Growth Investing Mastery consists of over 60+ recorded videos in 9 different modules.

This course takes a complete beginner into an investor who understands what makes up a Superstock, while also following tried and tested principles.

Growth Profit Calculator

This is the key to find out if a company is cheap or expensive in 10 minutes - so you will never overpay for a company and be able to go on a holiday with peace of mind!

Superstocks Watchlist

Shortcut your way to improve your portfolio performance with high growth stocks that you can start analyzing immediately. 

Save money on expensive screeners and save time trying to figure out which companies to invest in!

Peer-Support Private Facebook Group 

Make new investing friends with common goals, form small peer-support study groups to learn and grow together - the choice is yours!
Sounds Impossible? 
There Are Others Like You Who’ve Done It Before!
"I was already an investor before I joined GIM, but on a net-net basis, I was making losses.

Through a recommendation from my mentor, I signed up for GIM and never looked back since.

My expectations were just a consistent 15% yearly return, but I achieved so much more through multiple multi-baggers."
Keng Fang, Full-Time Investor
"I have been investing before GIM but was focused on SGX stocks. Although my returns were average (about 20% returns), I knew that there had to be something more.

I didn't believe that it is possible to get a multi-bagger - I was skeptical...

Until I got my first multi-bagger. I now am more excited to look into businesses with far more potential."
Hanjie, Head of Strategy (Investing)
"Prior to joining GIM, I have been investing but my results have been average.

At first, I thought it would take at least 10 years to have 1 multi-bagger (>100% returns). 

After attending GIM, I now have 2 within a year! Definitely looking forward to more!"
Darrell, Freelance Actress

The Doors To Growth Investing Mastery Are Now Open!

Here are the amazing things you'll get...

Growth Investing Masterclass: 

This 3 -day LIVE Masterclass will teach you step-by-step how to identify and analyze growth companies from scratch.
Secret Growth Profit Calculator: 

This is the key to find out if a company is cheap or expensive in 10 minutes - so you will never overpay for a company and be able to go on a holiday with peace of mind!
Superstocks Shopping List: 

Shortcut your way to improve your portfolio performance with 20 high growth stocks that you can start analyzing immediately. 

Save money on expensive screeners and save time trying to figure out which companies to invest in!


Getting These Amazing Bonuses...

Life-time Access

Get Life-time Access to the GIM Online Course, Superstocks Watchlist, Growth Investor Insider Guide, Private Facebook Group, Growth Profit Calculator!
2-Day LIVE Zoom Class
We'll be going through everything that you've learnt in the online course and giving you more case studies to solidify your learnings - this is also your chance to meet your instructors LIVE in person!
4.8/5 Stars
Based on 1,000+ Reviews



Our 30-Days Guarantee gives you a full month to try out the course, risk-free. 
If you didn't get what was promised in our course, applied whatever we have taught and still feel you've learned nothing 
new to improve your portfolio, we'll give you a full refund.

Here's what our students are saying...

"Growth Investing Mastery is 10x better than all the other courses that I have bought. 

The content, people and support from the team is superb and fantastic.

I would have saved so much money and time if i were lucky enough to come across GIM for my 1st investment course."
Wallace, Nurse
"I started investing 4 years ago and did a variety of activities which included options, value investing, swing and intra-day. It was frustrating because the returns did not make sense for the kind of effort I put in. 

Like many, I did not expect myself to achieve a multi-bagger! Now, I am able to generate more returns and the time spent is lesser."
Jonas, Senior Director
"I was initially skeptical about GIM being some shady investment class, but over time as I see the work that the trainers and team have done, I can really say they want our portfolios to do well!

Through their teachings and sharing sessions, my portfolio was able to achieve an annual returns of 72%!
Dawson, Student
"Everything they did really exceeded my expectations...

Quite frankly, I've not seen an enthusiastic and 
wonderful trainers like them."
Wilfred, Realtor
Previously, I was focused on buying cheap, low-quality stocks that I felt could turnover very quickly. This mindset had set my portfolio back by negative 20%. 

I joined GIM because I wanted to take investing more seriously and needed the guidance, and after practising the GIM framework, I had actually reached a portfolio peak of 70% after a year!
Denise, Teacher
 I did not have the confidence to start investing, as I kept hearing people losing money in the stock market.

However, I started to learn that investments are only safe if you truly understand the companies that you are buying into, and this gave me confidence to start investing.
Melvin, Customer Development
Before joining GIM, my portfolio was mostly focused on dividend and slow-growth companies in Malaysia and Singapore.

After joining GIM, my portfolio has been trimmed down to 8 companies with solid quality, and high growth companies. My returns was around 50%.
Wailee, Commodities Purchaser
My portfolio results were actually quite decent, achieving 10-20% returns annually. However, since I started planning for my retirement late, at around 45 years old, I found that my retirement nest was not sufficient for my wife and I.

With the brothers and sisters, and the founders who provide guidance and advice to all GIM members, my portfolio actually achieved almost 100% gains!
Peter, Civil Servant

Here's A Recap Of


When You Join The Family Today!

  • Growth Investing Mastery Online Course (Worth $3,500)
  • Growth Profit Calculator (Worth $2,500)
  • Superstocks Watchlist (Worth $1,600)
  • Access to Peer-Support Private Facebook Group (Worth $2,000)
  • LIMITED-TIME BONUS: Life-Time Access To All The Above (PRICELESS!)
  • ​LIMITED-TIME BONUS: 2 Days LIVE Growth Investing Masterclass (Worth $1,500)



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I skip the bonus live class?

You are highly encouraged to attend the bonus live class as we will not be planning to conduct live classes forever. Moreover, we will be going through more in-depth case studies and bonus content that isn't covered in the online course. This will help you to deepen your understanding of Superstocks and you also get a chance to meet your instructors LIVE!

What if I can't make it for the bonus live class?

Don't worry! You can always attend the next one. There will be instructions inside the course to guide you and the available dates.

What do I get to keep for a lifetime?

The GIM Online Course, Superstocks Watchlist, Growth Investor Insider Guide, Private Facebook Group, Growth Profit Calculator.

Are there any hidden or extra fees?

Absolutely not! We hate that too. What you see is exactly what you're going to get.

What is taught in the GIM Online course and how long does it take to complete?

As it is a self-paced online course with over 60 bite-sized videos, you can take as fast as 1 week to 1 month to complete it depending on your rate of learning.

Modules 1, 2 & 3 dive deep into quantitative analysis. 

In these three modules, you’ll learn how to decode the financial jargon investors use and discover the true finances of a company, especially what sets a Superstock apart from others. You’ll also learn the most important numbers and how to find them, and we will be teaching you how to piece these numbers together to tell you a story that can't be seen by normal investors.

You’ll be able to quickly filter out underperforming companies and focus on high-quality ones.

Module 4, 5, 6 & 7 focuses on the qualitative aspect of a business. 

While understanding the financial reports of a business is extremely important, these reports show us the past performance of the company. It does not necessarily indicate the future performance of a company.

Therefore, to get a complete picture of a company’s potential to grow, we also have to understand the qualitative aspects. Modules 4, 5, 6 & 7 teaches you how to examine the business model of a company with our PACS framework. This allows you to get a grasp of how they are generating revenue, and if it is possible for them to continue to grow their share price over the next few years.

Module 8 teaches you how to evaluate the management of a company.

When we invest in a company, we are ultimately investing in the people in charge of the company. Therefore, we need a way to measure their competence by using the GASP framework. Most investing courses online do not cover this topic well. By learning to evaluate what the management says and does, you’ll know if the company is well managed and likely to grow sustainably.

Module 9 covers when is the right time to buy or sell a business.

We'll be taking our combined knowledge of over 20 years (of our whole team of Full-Time Investors) and distill it down to the most important principles that you need to know when it comes to buying or selling a business.
EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: We don't believe in "get rich" programs - only in hard work, adding value, and serving others with excellence and consistency. Our trainings are intended to help you analyze companies from scratch. Our programs take a lot of work and discipline just like any worthwhile endeavor or professional continuing education program. As stipulated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. We don't know you and, besides, your results in life are up to you. We just want to help by giving great content, direction, and strategies. You should know that all products and services by our company are for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing on this page, any of our websites, or any of our content or curriculum is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings, and we do not offer any legal, medical, tax or other professional advice.
*Statements contained here were made by individuals who participated in our training. 10x Capital did not pay any consideration for these statements.  
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